1. Dabney Mahanes

    The Muses
  2. Veronika Hart

    Who Stole the Tarts
  3. Fleming Merkel

    Barbie's Burka
  4. Daniel Nevins

  5. Margaret Curtis

  6. Dabney Mahanes

    The Muses
  7. Veronika Hart

    Who Stole the Tarts
  8. Fleming Markel

    Barbie's Burqua
January 28, 2017 - March 12, 2017
We are opening the new year with three powerful exhibits featuring painting and sculpture by five highly respected and established artists from North and South Carolina -- Fleming Markel and Dabney Mahanes, Greenville; Margaret Curtis, Tryon; Veronika Hart, Hendersonville; Daniel Nevins, Asheville.

Pent-up Pink, addresses cultural myths, especially those seeking to marginalize women. Fleming Markel's well-constructed, totemic forms are intriguing, funny, and most of all, thought provoking.

Hart and Mahanes had not met before their exhibit, but Tripping The Fantastic joins two painters whose hallmarks are bold color and deft brushwork in the creation of dramatic canvases.

In their two-person exhibit Twisted, Curtis and Nevins present different bodies of work, yet they share an emotionally charged landscape between the human and natural worlds.