1. Katie Walker

    Meet Me Outside of El Rancho Grande
  2. Paul Flint

    Everybody's Looking for Something
  3. Blake Smith

    Mary's Place
  4. Susan Young

  5. Darryl DeBruhl

    Barbwire up
  6. Jo Carol Mitchell Rogers

  7. Diane Kilgore Congdon

  8. Tim Speaker

  9. Tim Cassell

  10. Teri Peña

  11. Katy Bergman Cassell

    Lost Sea
  12. Elizabeth Shanks

  13. Alexi Timberlake Boyd

    As Miserable and Salty as the Sea
  14. Diane Kilgore Condon

    Kilgore Donkey Deux
  15. Kim Dick

June 24, 2017 - August 4, 2017
The ArtBomb Studio is an informal organization of dedicated, professional artists in West Greenville, SC. In 2000, they joined forces to work under one roof in individual studios. That roof covers a large brick building at 1320 Pendleton Street, which had once been the general store for families working at the historic Brandon Mills textile company, long out of business.

At the ArtBomb, studio life buzzes with 16 artists, each working independently in a variety of disciplines -- painting, photography, ceramic art, fine craft and more. It is the ideal environment for creativity. Each artist exhibits in many regional galleries and museums, including Art & Light and Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville; Upstairs Artspace, Tryon; and Eastside 64, Cashiers. Some show in venues in Columbia, Atlanta, Charlotte and beyond. Most are in private and corporate collections.

It's been 10 years since our last ArtBomb show! Come and see what this group has been creating in the past decade!

Alexia Timberlake Boyd
Katie Bergman Cassell
Tim Cassell
Diane Kilgore Condon
Darryl DeBruhl
Kim Dick
Jane Dorn
Greg Flint
Paul Flint
Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers
Teri Cates Pena
Elizabeth Ann Shanks
Blake Smith
Tim Speaker
Susan Young