1. David Benson

    Cat's Tale
  2. David Benson

    Cliff Dwellers Edge of Night
  3. David Benson

    Eclipse 2017
  4. David Benson

    Ladies of Avignon
  5. Boyd Saunders

    Rose Garden
  6. Boyd Saunders

    Southern Serves the South
  7. Jim Creal

    Bear Island American Alligator
  8. Jim Creal

    Edisto Island Oak Lined Avenue
  9. Jim Creal

    Hunting Island Beach Erosion
  10. Ron Meyers

  11. Ron Meyers

  12. Ron Meyers

  13. Doug McAbee

    Bertha 2015
  14. Doug McAbee

    She Ain't Bluffin
  15. Doug McAbee

    No but Just In Case
  16. Luis Jaramillo

    monotype untitled
  17. Mary Gilkerson

    monotype congaree variation
  18. Paul Yanko

    monotype untitled
  19. Phil Garrett

    monotype Jones Gap
October 21, 2017 - December 1, 2017
Upstairs Artspace’s exhibit opening October 21 explores the gap between expectation and reality in everyday life through Doug McAbee: I Can’t Believe You Ate My Doughnut. FLORA, FAUNA & FIGURES featuring artists David Benson, Jim Creal, Ron Meyers and Boyd Saunders are complex stories for the viewer’s contemplation; journeys through time exploring South Carolina’s barrier islands; ‘colored slip’ paintings which are provocative and confrontational; and other works continuing the theme that employ a variety of stylistic approaches. Phil Garrett’s KING SNAKE PRESS PRINTS, 1998 – 2017, emphasizes his love of monotype process, encouraging other artists to experiment with the Painterly Print. The exhibit runs from October 21 through December 01, 2017.

Please note the “Walk & Talk” and “Opening Reception” will be Saturday, October 28, with the “Artists’ Walk & Talk” beginning at 5pm followed by the ‘Opening Reception’ at 6pm.

David M. Benson
Carl Blair
Leah Cabinum
Jim Campbell
Sharon Campbell
Raymond Chorneau
Jim Creal
David Dietrich
Denise Woodward Dietrich
Henry Fagen
Mary Bentz Gilkerson
Kevin Isgett
Pat Kilburg
Linda McCune
Edward Rice
Yuri Tzusuki
Mary Walker
Enid Williams
Fran Woodside
David Yaghjian