1. Bardos/Ferullo/Hudgins/Icard

  2. Bonnie Bardos

    Songs of the Earth
  3. Bonnie Bardos

    Blue Iris
  4. Bonnie Bardos

    White Crane
  5. Linda Page Hudgins

    Resolution Lost
  6. Linda Page Hudgins

    Resolution 3
  7. Linda Page Hudgins

    Resolution 4
  8. Carol Beth Icard

    Boundary of the Unknown
  9. Carol Beth Icard

    At the Edge
  10. Carol Beth Icard

    Night Light
June 23, 2018 - August 3, 2018
"Four Women/Four Journeys" presents abstract and impressionistic paintings by Bonnie Bardos, Saluda, Patricia Cole-Ferullo and Linda Hudgins, Tryon, and Carol Beth Icard, Landrum SC. The women typically express their spiritual and mental journeys through a bold, beautiful and colorful art. All are widely exhibited in regional galleries and private and public collections